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Classic Lash Workshop

Stephanie Rachelle

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Classic Lash Workshop
Lash Studios Hands-on Workshops is lead by a certified Trainer. The Basic Hands-On Workshop is 2 full day of comprehensive training.

Lash Studio places an emphasis on maintaining the health, safety and satisfaction of your clients. Our products are of the highest quality and give an extensionist the most eyelash options on the market.

Our goal is to prepare you to become a highly successful Eyelash Extension Professional. We will not send you out the door after the Hand-On Workshop and hope for the best. We will assist you through the whole training process and guide you into the very profitable eyelash extension business.

VERY IMPORTANT: "In the United States, most states DO require all eyelash extensionists to be a licensed estheticians or cosmetologists. LASH STUDIO WILL NOT train or certify an individual that does not meet state licensure. Knowledge of your state requirements is YOUR responsibility."

Please note that a deposit of $250 is required for all Classic Lash Training registrations . Remaining balance due 1 week prior to training.

Classic Lash Training with starter kit $1200
Call 903-841-9039 to Register

Refresher Course $450 (kit not included) 4 hours
Call 903-841-9039 to register 
*Space is limited - Register with Lash Studio Today*


At least 60 lashes per eye.
Eyelashes placed evenly with no large uneven spaces.
No clumps of adhesive in the lashes.
No adhesive on the client's skin.
No 2 eyelashes stuck together.
Lashes curling in the right direction.