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5 Things You Can Buy Now To Start Your Body Contouring Business

Hey there, future body contouring pros! The first shopping trip for your new career is so exciting!! Today, I'm sharing a short list of five things you must-have to kickstart your business.  Whether you're a fresh-faced newbie or simply diving headfirst into this exciting field, you can take baby steps towards your dream job today without breaking the bank! 🙌🏼


1. Reliable Bed: Oh, baby! Find yourself a bed that's as sturdy as a superhero. You'll want a trusty foundation. Stability is key, my friends!

2. Comfy Sheets: Treat yourself (and your clients) to some soft and cozy sheets. It's all about creating a relaxing experience during those contouring sessions. Let them feel like they're floating on a cloud!

3. A Supportive Stool: Find yourself a comfortable stool with a backrest. Good posture is important, and this will help you stay upright as you work your magic. Keep that back happy!

4. Plush Towels: Keep it fresh and clean, my friend! Stock up on plenty of fluffy towels to pamper your clients. They deserve a touch of luxury during their sessions. It's all about the cozy vibes!

5. Body Oil: Don't stress over it—just grab a bottle of unscented body oil. It'll add a smooth glide to your contouring moves and leave your clients with silky skin. No need to overthink it—just go with the flow! You can adjust later

And guess what? I've got your back when it comes to shopping. Just tap here to check out my handpicked selections on Amazon. It's time to gear up and get contouring!

 If you have any questions or need a boost of motivation, I'm just a click away srharper30@gmail.com.

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