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Lets Fight Wrinkles

Stephanie Harper

I know it’s January, but I wanted to get this out before everyone starts laying out in the sun. So, last year I noticed that so many African American girls were laying out in the sun tanning. I made the comment several times that it's going to be interesting to see if there is an increase in skin cancer among the African American community in a few years due to social media. I literally scream on the inside when I see girls like me laying out because I'm always wondering if they have on sunscreen. As a child I was always told to get out of the sun because I would get darker. What I was told was probably not the best thing for a girl’s self-esteem because it was almost like saying black wasn't beautiful.



Who knew that our parents had the secret to looking younger longer but they were just using the wrong words. When we were in African we had to avoid extra damage from the sun but in North Europe we needed the sun to go through our skin for the Vitamin D. Without Vitamin D we are prone to all kinds of illness. So basically, our bodies beautifully adjusted and over a few generations our skin color will change based on how much sun exposure we have.



Kmsl...you know the saying black don't crack well one of the biggest reason for that is because our skin has a built in SPF of around 20 to 30. Our melanin protects us for the sun. People of color wrinkle less because we have that built in protection. When your skin is not being taken care of due to sun exposure your skin begins to sag. Staying out of the sun is the easiest way to get great-looking skin. The suns UVB and UVA rays cause skin damage, which is prematurely aging, and skin cancer. Every day you should wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen, which blocks UVB and UVA rays, with an SPF of 15 or higher. Reapply at least every two hours while outdoors. For a dewy glow, use skin-care products with 10 ingredients or less to reduce irritation, use moisturizer and feed your skin from within. Dark chocolate and antioxidant-rich foods such as cantaloupe, citrus fruits, blueberries and leafy greens improve the skin’s appearance.



So, dolls make sure you are applying your sun screen and you're exfoliating at least once or twice a week. I have attached the link to my favorite body Scrub!! Check it out and let me know what you think!!









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