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My Sneaky Little Growth Strategy

If you're a new body contouring technician, it can be difficult to attract clients when you don't have any previous work to show off. But fear not, because there's a sneaky little strategy that can work wonders for you. In this blog post, we're going to explore how to use your practice sessions as a marketing strategy to attract more clients to your business.

First things first, social proof is a powerful tool in the world of wellness. When potential clients see that you're booked solid, they're more likely to want to book with you. So, start by hitting up people on Instagram and offer them free treatments in exchange for allowing you to take photos and videos of your work. Then, blast it out on every social media platform you can find. Make sure to use hashtags like #BodyContouringTechnician and #lymphaticdrainage to increase your visibility.

By doing this, your followers will have no idea that it wasn't paid work - from the outside looking in, it'll look like you're booked solid and pumping out client results on the daily! And you know what happens next? More people will start reaching out to book with you.

So, here's my secret: make your practice sessions your marketing strategy! Not only will you get more content to post, but you'll also get the chance to practice for free without the added pressure of working on a paid client. This is where you can perfect your craft and get better and better at what you do.

And the best part? I still do this to this day on my slow days, and so do most of my students. It's a tried and true method that really works, and I'm sharing it with you to help you out!

So, if you're a newbie looking to increase your visibility within the industry, come join me for my upcoming body contouring class. Let me teach you all my sneaky marketing tricks and help you crack the code to attracting more clients to your business. Don't be afraid to use your practice sessions as a marketing strategy - it just might be the key to your success!

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