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Client Reviews Are Like Gold

As a wellness professional, you know that word-of-mouth recommendations are like gold for your business. And in today’s digital age, online reviews are the new word-of-mouth. But how do you get more client reviews and use them to boost your reputation and income? Here are some tips to help you out.

First, start by finding all the reviews you didn’t even know you had. Check your emails, text messages, Facebook page, Instagram comments, Instagram Stories, and your Google My Business page. You’ll find that glowing reviews are actually everywhere.

Next, learn to recognize compliments and kind words for what they are: selling points in the words of someone else. Think more broadly about what ‘reviews’ really are. They can come in the form of a short email about how well you listened, a text about how nice your studio smelled, or an Instagram comment about how relaxed your client felt during their treatment.

The people checking out your business want to know more about your personality, ambiance, experience, and listening skills. Messages from existing clients about this kind of stuff are more powerful than you’ve probably given them credit for. Think about how often you’ve scrolled through reviews for beauty businesses to get a sense of how clients were treated before making a decision. Your potential clients are doing the same thing - and they’re doing it for your business too! So, the next time a client says something nice about your business (and trust me, they will), make a habit of collecting those testimonials. Create a folder on your computer where you can save screenshots of posts, comments, emails, Instagram comments, webinar comments, and anything else that highlights the positive experiences your clients are having.

Once you’ve collected all the reviews you already snagged, it’s time to generate some more! Encourage your clients to leave reviews by setting up automated emails to clients after their first appointment, asking for their feedback to help you grow your business. Include a link to leave a review on your Google, Facebook, or Yelp page. You can also follow up manually after a particularly positive appointment with your clients, asking them to respond with a review. This one will work really well if they left absolutely raving about their treatment.

If one of your clients follows you on Instagram, send them a DM asking if they can post a photo of their brows, hair, makeup, etc on Stories and tag you. Be sure to share it to your Stories and save it in your Stories Highlights. At the end of the appointment, when you’re taking a bit of time to take photos of clients “after” shots, ask them if you can record a 30-second video testimonial of them. You can get them to answer questions like, “What do you love about your service?” or “How was your experience today?”

Lastly, don’t forget to reply to your reviews, whether they are positive or negative. It shows that you care about your clients' feedback and helps to build trust and rapport.

Just remember: always ask for permission before sharing private feedback from clients. With a little effort and some strategic thinking, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your positive reviews and testimonials can help boost your reputation and grow your wellness business. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to getting more client reviews and using them to grow your business.

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