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5 Tips For Your Best Skin

Stephanie Harper

Skin is the beauty trend for 2018

Healthy skin requires work just like we work on our bodies and our mental health.  This years trend will be beautiful, natural skin. Yes, this means less heavy makeup and more glowing skin. People are going crazy for complexions to match - their healthy life styles. So, I had  N'Kole from the Youthful Esthetician share 5 tips for your best skin.

1.Cleanse & Moisturize two times a day.

2.Always wear sunscreen, and if you are in the sun playing reapply sunscreen  every 2 hours. 

3.Proper products for your specific skin is a must. If you are unsure of what products your skin needs book an appointment with an Esthetician in your area.

4.Remember what you put in your body directly affects your skin, so be kind to it! Nourish it with healthy choices. Don't for get Water, Water, Water!

5.Vitamin C serum is for everyone! Internally and externally (serum). It has antioxidants in it to correct and prevent free radical damage. This will also help with collagen production too; no more wrinkles!!! 

Remember all skin tones need SPF!! We my not show a tan or burn as easy, but that gives us a false sense of security. It is so important to remember that UVA rays don't change the color of your skin but they still cause damage. I'm loving Supergoop sunscreen because it goes on smoothly and does not leave that "white ashy look"  like most sunscreens usually do !

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