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First of all, I have been using MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ all wrong. I took a class a few years ago with Makeup Artist Steven Coleman, and he told me that "MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ was not a makeup setting spray". Seeing how I attended the class you would have thought that I I would have listened. Fast forward 3 years, it finally hits me that MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ is not a “fixing” or “setting” spray!! Shocking! I know!! The term “Fix” in the nomenclature doesn’t really help the product because people end up buying it thinking it’s a setting spray like the Urban Decay All Nighter.
So what  does MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ do ?  Well, MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ is part of the MAC Prep and Prime line, which is essentially geared towards preparing the skin for makeup. The products in this line consist of oil-control moisturizers, hydrating and illumination-boosting products, primers and conditioners (lip), etc. So, the line is basically geared towards getting the skin ready for makeup. And MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ is also meant for the very same purpose. 

Alright, Let me break it down, but before I do that, let me tell you what the product is. MAC Prep & Prime Fix is basically a spray with a base of water and glycerin. It includes a number of antioxidants and skin-soothing ingredients – like cucumber, chamomile, green tea.  So, technically, this is a toner rather than a setting spray. Mind blowing !! I Know Right !! It is a spray mist which has more benefits in it (if you ignore the addition of fragrance to the product) than your regular Evian/Avene Water atomizers. The spray mechanism on this product is a big deal!!  Yes, with newer products on the market, you will see the mists getting finer and finer, but you have to take into account two things that makes Mac Prep & Prime Fix  special. The product came out more than a decade back and this was the quality of the packaging. Second, and probably the most important aspect – this is a non-aerosol packaging. This fine of a mist being dispensed by a non-aerosol packaging is still pretty rare. 

Now, lets talk about how to use MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ 
Remember this product was initially designed – for prepping the skin. The product acts like a toner and when sprayed onto freshly cleansed skin, will, one, soothe the skin thanks to the antioxidants present in it; and two, will prep it for the application of your moisturizer, allowing the moisturizer to penetrate deeper.

It is a great way to hydrate the skin before the application of makeup or even during the course of the day (with or without makeup). It can essentially work as a finishing spray – something which you mist onto your face post application of your powder products. It will take away the powdery look form your face,but it also leaves shine behind. While that may be welcomed for someone with dry skin, it is not too becoming for us girls with oily skin. Also, do take into account that it takes a while to dry down – unlike an alcohol based spray.

Sooooo, I know I am not the only person who's been using MAC Prep & Fix all wrong. The name! The “Fix” makes you think it’s a fixing spray. When it just isn’t and neither is it meant to be!!

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