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The Perfect Bikini Area

Stephanie Harper

Everyone wants a smooth bikini Line.

We have all had ingrown hairs at some point in our lives some of us more than others. The big question is what do you do when you get an ingrown hair. If your like me it doesn't matter which direction I shave I  seem to always get at lest one ingrown hair. Yes, I know I should keep my hands off of it, but I really do enjoy pulling that little piece of hair!! 

Here’s some instructions for safely extracting a ingrown hair by Dr. Pimple Popper.

1. Soak a washcloth in warm water and press it against the ingrown hair(s) for several minutes. This will soften the hair and the skin around it, and bring the hair to the surface of the skin.

2. Using sterilized tweezers or a needle, gentle work out the ingrown hair by its end. Try to avoid plucking the hair out completely while it’s under the skin — instead, just pull it to the surface.

3. If you can’t easily remove the hair, don’t force it. Try using the warm compress again, or leave the hair alone. We know, it’s a hard ask, but try.

4. Once you’re done, wash the area with warm water and a moisturizing soap.

Now Lets Talk about how to prevent them and create that smooth bikini line.

Last summer I got  lots of question about how I keep my bikini area so nice. To be honest it's something I never thought about. I'm sure it all came from my mom who is the moisturizing and exfoliating queen!! Here are my bikini area tips they are pretty simple.

1. Prep your skin with an oil. I actually apply oil every night and in the morning to my bikini area it doesn't matter if i'm shaving or not.  Our bikini line is super sensitive, which means prepping the area before using a razor is the best way to reduce annoying bumps and razor burn. If you start applying oil to your shaving routine, you'll notice less ingrown hairs, less redness, and little-to-no irritation. 

2. Exfoliating your skin is also helps with ingrown hairs. I know you guys  are going to think i'm crazy but I kinda do this every night too...smh.  I have a container of scrub on my bath tub and I just rub my bikini area nightly.  I don't exfoliate my entire body nightly but I do do my bikini area which only take 2.3 seconds. We exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. I make  own bikin scrub for my bikin area becuse my skin is super sentive down there. I used a scented scrub once and I was on fire for days. Sugar and olive oil does it for me. 

3. Lets talk shaving, I never use the same razor twice because when you think about it how do you really clean those things??  I make sure my skin is wet and I use a shaving gel. (Once I dry shaved and almost died) I actually shave the direction my hair grows because I get less irritation  this way.

4. Make sure you oil it down afterwards I use Rosehip oil. You want to keep your skin hydrated and give it that  glow. I don't use any oils or body scrubs that are scented on my bikini area.

Alright Guys those are my tips for keeping my bikini area smooth and glossy  lol!!  I linked my  products below to my Amazon Favorites !! 


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